Episode I: Letters of Robert Murray M'Cheyne

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This week we begin a new series of episodes. We just spent 11 podcasts walking through careful evangelism. We discussed the truths of conversion and how we can be careful guides to Christ. But what can that look like in practical, day-to-day relationships?

Fortunately, we don’t have to figure it out on our own. There are many deep wells dug by Christians long ago we can still drink from. One such well is six letters from Robert Murray M’Cheyne. Don’t worry, we won’t be doing another 11 episodes; we aren’t even doing six. We will spend the next three episodes showing you an example of how someone has taken the truths Walker wrote about and put them into practice.

M’Cheyne wrote these letters to a young lady in his church who was troubled about her soul. His words are warm but pointed. He begins with the fact that Christ receives sinners. Then he explains she is just such a sinner in need of such a Savior.

In the second letter, M’Cheyne focuses on hope, and it is a needed encouragement at this time. When the Holy Spirit does His work of conviction, fight the temptation to turn away from the discomfort. Ask the Spirit to show you more. Let God finish His work and then hide yourself in the righteous work of Christ.

M’Cheyne’s letters are full of encouragement and hope for both the believer and the unbeliever. For that reason, Matthew reads the letters aloud and we have the full text of each letter available on the Media Gratiae blog.

0:00-John and Matthew introduce our new three-episode series focusing on six letters written by Robert Murray M’Cheyne in 1841. John has used these letters in his local church to great effect.

5:00 You may ask why we are doing these particular letters after we just finished an 11-episode series on evangelism. Matthew explains that we want to show how the methods and principles we have just discussed were applied by someone. Additionally, we believe those who want to be careful guides to Christ will find these letters helpful. Conversely, you may be unsure of your spiritual state and may find help in both the podcast series and the letters.

6:00 Matthew begins reading the first letter. If you are interested in reading them for yourself, we have posted them below, under Show Notes.

12:00 John and Matthew begin discussing the first letter.  M’Cheyne explains that it is the work of God to open the eyes of a sinner to the depth of their corruption. John elaborates on the fact that M’Cheyne draws out a balance of objective truths of the gospel and a warm, experiential grasp of those truths.

15:00 The duo move on to the second letter. Remember that there were months separating these letters. M’Cheyne wrote it after God had worked in the soul of the letter’s recipient. Again, you can read the letter for yourself under Show Notes.

20:00 M’Cheyne is introducing hope in this letter. The sinner must beg for God to not enter into judgment with him, but be courageous to allow God to show you yourself without turning your face from that horrible site. When God begins to show us ourselves, we are tempted to say, “That’s enough.” But fight that temptation. Let God finish His work. Then look to Christ alone. Amazingly, this has always been God’s plan for His glory. Cry out to Him today and hide yourself in the perfect righteousness of Christ.

25:00 John and Matthew come together at the end of the program to summarize the first of M’Cheyne’s letters.


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Show Notes



Memoirs and Remains of Robert Murray M’Cheyne by Andrew Bonar

Notes from John Snyder regarding M'Cheyne's letters

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