Episode III: Letters of Robert Murray M'Cheyne

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This week we conclude our series examining the six evangelistic letters written by Robert Murray M’Cheyne. If you are just popping into the podcast at this point, let us encourage you to stop here and listen to episode one and then episode two.

M’Cheyne spends his fifth letter focusing on the reality that the believer is found in Christ. But what does this mean? How is the rebellious, calloused sinner found lovely and spotless to God the Father? That reality is the central focus of M’Cheyne’s fifth letter to a soul seeking Christ.

In his final letter, M’Cheyne followed the same pattern as Samuel Walker we discussed in a previous series. The careful evangelist is not a salesman. We do not want to hide any aspect of the Christian life from unbelievers. A life devoted to Christ will be filled with deep sorrow and indescribable joy.

All six of these letters culminate in one idea: What does God say about me? How can He say the believer is spotless? How can He call the repentant believer lovely? It is the work of Christ. That fact should drive us to our knees in worship and praise.



0:00 As Matthew stated at the beginning of last week’s episode, if you have not listened to the previous two episodes, stop here. The letters we are discussing were written to be read sequentially and the podcast episodes follow suit. We believe they will benefit you most if you listen in order.

1:00 Matthew begins reading M’Cheyne’s fifth letter to a soul seeking Christ.

5:00 What does it mean to be found in Christ? How can God love sinners who have rebelled against Him? It isn’t the work of Christ that made God love us. The love of the Father is the reason the Son was sent. But it is how that love reaches us.

8:00 John explains how Romans 5 is a great place to study for anyone who needs a deeper and firmer understanding of the gospel. Why does M’Cheyne have such a strong emphasis in his fifth letter? Because God led Paul to write Romans 5.

10:00 M’Cheyne ends this letter with urgency. While we never want urgency to be used for manipulation, there should be urgency in every parent, pastor, and loved one sharing the gospel.

11:00 Matthew begins reading M’Cheyne’s final letter.

17:00 M’Cheyne, like Samuel Walker we discussed in a previous podcast series, includes the ongoing Christian life in their evangelistic efforts. He paints two pictures of the ongoing reliance of the Christian on Jesus. Both of these images are sourced in Song of Solomon.

21:00 All of these letters culminate in one thought: What does God say about me? Does He say that I am “all fair?” It is only because of the work of Christ that can be said of us. M’Cheyne ends all these letters with a duty for the believer: remember these things. How do you come out of the wilderness leaning on Christ? Remember Christ and lean on Him.

24:00 John and Matthew come back after the break to again recommend the work all these letters can be found in, The Memoirs and Remains of Robert Murray M’Cheyne by Andrew Bonar. John explains how he uses these letters in his local church and shares some wisdom in using them yourself. 




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Show Notes

Podcast Resources:

Remains and Memoirs of Robert Murray M’Cheyne by Andrew Bonar

Song of Solomon 1:6

Romans 5

Song of Solomon 8:5

Song of Solomon 4

Notes from John Snyder regarding M'Cheyne's letters

Letter I: Seek to know your corruption

Letter II: Seek the righteousness of Christ

Letter III: Joy in believing

Letter IV: Taste and see that Christ is precious

Letter V: Be found in Christ

Letter VI: Go up, leaning on Christ




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