Follow Me III: Imitating Through the N.T.

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This week we conclude our series on understanding the two aspects of following Jesus. To truly follow Jesus, we must observe Him in the Scriptures and imitate Him in life. Neither are optional for us.

Last week we looked at several descriptions of Jesus in the Old Testament. This week we look at the New Testament, particularly the Gospel of John. That Gospel is unique because it gives an in-depth look at the inner life of the God-man. We get a glimpse of what sustained and motivated our Savior. 

With each aspect we observe and must ask two questions: “What do we see in the true humanity of Christ?” and “Can we imitate Him?”

Anytime we are speaking of Christological matters, we need to be careful. Scripture alone has the perfect balance between Jesus’ humanity and deity. There are heresies abound throughout Christian history, and even in today’s religious culture. In light of that, we recognize we are coming from particular Christological viewpoints. However, because we don’t want the podcast to be four hours long, we recommend some books to you that will further explain our understanding of Christology. You can find on the Media Gratiae blog, along with links to other resources and a list of the Scriptures mentioned.

0:00 Matthew recaps where we have been. Following involved both observing and imitating. And following must be motivated by love to Christ.

3:00 Matthew explains what is different about the depictions of Jesus in the Old and New Testaments. The New Testament could be thought of as a high-definition documentary with eyewitness testimony and expert commentary. It is a kindness of God the Father that we have four gospel accounts. Of the four, John is very unique. One unique aspects of John is that includes many of the descriptions of the inner life of Jesus’ life.

5:00 We are coming from a particular Christological standpoint. Unfortunately we do not have time to dive into why we come from that vantage point. However, if you would like to know where we are coming from and why, we encourage you to check out the books Knowing Christ and The Person and Work of Christ (both linked under Show Notes). If you have never really considered Christology, you may be surprised to find you have picked up some heresy. Matthew explains three that are prevalent and dangerous in our day.

10:00 Our approach to this episode was to examine particular descriptions Jesus Christ gives concerning Himself. With each one, we ask two questions: What do we see in the true humanity of Christ as He relates to the Father? Is it something we can imitate?

11:00 We begin with what sustained Jesus, looking at John 4:32-34. Jesus told His disciples that He had food they did not know about. He said life to Him is doing what the Father had sent Him to do. It is beyond morality. It is doing only what God the Father wanted Him to do. Can we imitate that? Yes.

14:00 What was the initiative of Christ’s life? John 5:19-20 and 8:42 gives us a look into this. This displays the perfect responsiveness of the Lord Jesus to His Father. First, we see a moral impossibility. Then we see Jesus doing not just what the Father does, but also how He does it. Can a Christian follow Jesus in this? Yes.

19:00 Matthew explains that Jesus experienced total freedom. And that freedom was total submission to God the Father. But we have an enemy who portrays freedom as the ability to do what we want. It is a lie that will lead to death.

20:00 What about Jesus’ ambition? John 6:38 and 8:29 illustrates why Jesus got out of bed in the morning. Jesus rested at night, woke in the morning, and lived every moment to do the will of God.

24:00 How did Christ prove His claims? John 5:36 gives us the answer. We see how Jesus proved His claims. He invited people to look at the work He did. We cannot say it to the same extent of Jesus, but people should able to examine our lives to see the fact that God is at work in our lives.  

31:00 John and Matthew come together to recap and encourage you in your pursuit of following Jesus Christ by observing and imitating all we see of Him through the Scriptures.


For this week's Supporter Appreciation Episode, we continue hearing the testimonies from believers in Christ Church New Albany. This week we hear from a matriarch of Christ Church New Albany, Mrs. Deborah Autry. Her husband, Lanny, was one of the founding pastors of CCNA.

When the church first began, Deborah was a lost, religious lady. But God drew her to Himself over the course of many months. We believe her story may be an encouragement to you.

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Show Notes 

Knowing Christ by Mark Jones

The Person and Work of Christ by B.B. Warfield

John 4:32-34

John 6:38

John 8:29

John 5:30-36

John 10:37-38

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