Puritan I: Understanding the Times

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This week we are beginning a new series of episodes. If you have watched or listened to the podcast, you likely recognize we changed the intro. This is just to signify how special this series is to us. 

Anyone who has listened to the podcast knows our love for the Puritans. We have all benefited from their writings and sermons. And for the last two years, Media Gratiae has been working on a film to document their stories. After a great deal of work, we released the film last week. You can find out more below Show Notes.

But we didn't want to make a podcast about a film Media Gratiae made. Instead, we want to make an entire series focusing on the men and women whom God especially blessed during a particular era of history. 

In this introductory podcast, John and Matthew discuss how they were both introduced to the Puritans and how they impacted their lives personally. They also show how the writings of the Puritans have been helpful in their blue-collar, Mississippi church.

To begin understanding and appreciating the Puritans, it is helpful to understand the world in which they lived. What was happening in their era of history and what drove them to know Christ and live for Him in such inspiring ways? 

Links to everything John and Matthew discuss can be found on the Media Gratiae blog. Once you visit there, you will also see more information about Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God. 

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In our Supporter Appreciation Episode this week, John highlights a two publishers who are carefully editing select Puritan works to serve as "on-ramps" to reading these great writers. During this episode, John details some of his favorites, how they have impacted him, and how he has used them in Christ Church New Albany.

Media Gratiae is funded by the sale of the things we create and by the generous support of those who believe in what we do. We create and give access to the Supporter Appreciation Episodes and extra material as a tangible way of showing appreciation for those who partner with Media Gratiae monthly.

As with everything we do, we never want finances to be a genuine barrier between our content and those who want to access it. If that's you, reach out to us at info@mediagratiae.org.

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Show Notes


Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God

Supporter Appreciation Episode

Reformation Heritage Books Puritan Treasures for Today

The Blessed and Boundless God by George Swinnock

Gospel Evidences of Saving Faith by John Owen

Faith Seeking Assurance by Anthony Burgess

Stop Loving the World by William Greenhill

Turn and Live by Nathaniel Vincent

Holy Helps for a Godly Life by Richard Rogers

The Fading of the Flesh and the Flourishing of Faith by George Swinnock

Triumphing Over Sinful Fear by John Flavel


The Banner of Truth Trust Puritan Paperbacks

A Sure Guide to Heaven (Alarm to the Unconverted) by Joseph Alleine

Communion with God by John Owen

Indwelling Sin in Believers by John Owen

All Loves Excelling by John Bunyan

The Doctrine of Repentance by Thomas Watson

All Things for Good by Thomas Watson

The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes

Glorious Freedom by Richard Sibbes

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