Revisiting Putting on Christ

As John and Teddy will be continuing the series discussing Puritans and the 18th Century Revivals, we thought it would be a good idea to reach into our archives and remind you about some of the men we have talked about on the podcast who were also deeply influenced by the Puritans. This week we present you with the first episode from our series about William Mason's book, The One Thing Needful.

William Mason, an 18th century pastor, wrote a book entitled The One Thing Needful. It is a sweet and powerful example of how the Puritans and early evangelicals approached the doctrine of sanctification (holiness). Here we find the classic Puritan emphasis: earnestness with regard to obedience fueled by the realities of Christ’s saving work. Let the two episodes from this series drive you to this little book, The Believer’s Pocket Companion or The One Thing Needful to Make Poor Sinners Rich and Miserable Sinner Happy.

The team is continuing to share their testimonies with our supporters. This week's testimony is from Courtney Brewer, our Marketing and Donor Manager. We hope the story of the Lord drawing Courtney to Himself is encouraging to you.

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Show Notes

The Believer's Pocket Companion by William Mason

Luke 11:33-34

Luke 10:41

Romans 13:11-14

Galatians 3:3

Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

Romans 3,4, and 5

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