Special Episode II: Behold Your God Week One

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Last week we started a special series presenting to you the Bible Study series from which our podcast takes its name: The Behold Your God study series. We began with the entire introductory session of Rethinking God Biblically. If you missed that episode, please go back and give it a listen or watch it here

This week, we are presenting the entire Week One session from Rethinking God Biblically. In this session, John discusses that God is the great attraction of the Christian life. God is not a means to an end. He is not merely our path to heaven. The pursuit of our lives should be knowing, studying, and walking with Him simply because He alone is worthy.

You will notice this session is different in some ways from last week’s. To begin with, we open in a different location. This opening will change every week because each session begins with John in England, Scotland, Wales, or various sites in the USA that are associated with people from different eras of Christian History. These people are chosen each week because different elements from their lives and ministries help illustrate what it looks like to live on the subject matter we’re considering that week. 

For session one, we are in a vintage trainyard just outside Chicago, Illinois, where we introduce you to Aiden Wilson Tozer and his Pursuit of God.     

The second section of the lesson is very similar to the introduction session. It’s a teaching session from John summing up all that we’ve looked at in the Scriptures this week through our work in Week One of the workbook. If you haven't done the workbook, let us encourage you to take the time to do so. You can download a free PDF of week one here. Man's word can challenge us, but it takes time in God’s Word to change us. 

The final section of the lesson is a collection of interview footage where some practical applications are made by several of our friends who minister in different contexts around the world. We’ll hear from Paul Washer, Richard Owen Roberts, Jordan Thomas, Anthony Mathenia, Eifion Evans, Andrew Davies, and Conrad Mbewe. 

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For this week's Supporter Appreciation Episode, we are giving you the first installment of the behind-the-scenes footage of our travels to film the upcoming Church Project. This week, we fly from Memphis, Tennessee to Tunisia to film the ancient home of Augustine and Cyprian. 

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Show Notes

Week one of the Rethinking God Biblically Workbook

Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

Psalm 27:4

Psalm 27:8

Philippians 3:8

Christ: A Complete Savior by John Bunyan

John 17:1-3

Hosea 6:3

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