Special Episode IV: The Weight of Majesty Week One

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This is the final episode of our special series giving you an extended peek into the cornerstone studies of Media Gratiae. We began with the introduction and week one sessions from Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically. Last week you heard the introduction to Behold Your God: The Weight of Majesty and this week you get its week one session, Knowing the God Who is Incomprehensible.

As with Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically, the video lessons are only one component of the study. We designed both studies in a way that the workbook is fundamental to understanding the messages from John. To that end, if you have not gone through Week One of the workbook (which you can download free here), please spend some time going through that before listening to this week's message.

It can be daunting to begin a study of the character of God. As Edward Payson said, "'God.' How much this title implies no tongue, human or angelic, can express. It is a volume of an infinite number of pages and every page full of meaning. It will be read by saints and angels, through the ages of eternity, but they will never reach the last page, nor fully comprehend the meaning of a single page."

The reality we must embrace is that God is utterly incomprehensible to our minds. It is not because of sin or our fallen state that this so. It is the nature of the infinite, eternal God. Even the angels, beings who are not marred by sin, cannot fully fathom who He is. 

There is a temptation to be fatalistic when approaching a study of God. God is so big, I'll never understand Him. So why try? The enemy whispers to us.

But God has revealed much about Himself and we have the privileged responsibility to wring every truth about Him from the Scriptures. The desire to know God more should fill our souls and the pursuit of knowing Him should fill our lives.

Our prayer is that these two lessons, and the complete study if you choose to complete it, will give you the tools necessary to make the study of God a life-long pursuit. If you haven't yet, let us encourage you to go through the first week of the workbook. Print it out, write on it, and save it so that even its brief content will be a resource for you in the years to come.


For this week's Supporter Appreciation Episode we giving you the second installment of our church filming trip. This week we take you the small village of Roccasecca, the birthplace of Thomas Aquinas.


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Behold Your God: The Weight of Majesty Workbook, Week One

Behold Your God: The Weight of Majesty

John Knox (A brief biography from The Banner of Truth Trust)

 Supporter Appreciation Episode:

Saint Thomas Aquinas by G.K. Chesterton

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