Spiritual Counsels I: Christ Is

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In this short series, we will be looking at the book Spiritual Counsels by Thomas Charles. Thomas Charles was a Welsh pastor in the 18th century. He was careful, warm, and a key leader in the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist movement.

The New Year is just around the corner. Where do you start when thinking of walking with the Lord in the new year? The starting place should not be, “I need to do better.” Our starting place should be, “He is.”

“No words, perhaps in the whole Scripture, set forth the dignity and glory of the person of Christ more emphatically or expressively than the following, ‘No man knoweth the Son but the Father.’”

The Infinite Greatness of the Son of God, Charles

Christ is beyond our knowledge and even beyond the angels’ knowledge. No one knoweth the Son but the Father. Only the divine mind can comprehend the divine. Christ is far above all.

God has revealed things about Himself in Scripture and so we ought to study Him. Yet at the end of all of our study, we can only know the edges of His ways. He is far higher and holier than we are. Our little minds cannot fully comprehend Him. This ought to bring us to our knees in humble adoration of our Creator, Maker, Sustainer, and Father.

God has given all power to His Son Jesus Christ. He will love all those the Father has given into His care. And He will love them to the end.

The Father knows His Son and His worth perfectly. He knows it fully and delights in it. We don’t fully grasp Christ’s worth. We rely on God’s testimony of Him, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

We see God’s glory in the face of Christ. Christ is the express image of His person. The infinite God is knowable through His Son. He is God With Us and the image of God to us. The attributes of God’s nature are fully revealed in His Son.

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The New Year is a good time to pause and take stock of what the Lord has taught you and to prepare for the coming year. How have you used your free time in 2019? How can you use it better in 2020? One of the best ways you can sue your time is by studying God's Word. In this week's Supporter Episode, we're discussing different Bible reading plans.

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