Spiritual Counsels III: The Holy Spirit Revealing Christ

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This is the third part in our series on Spiritual Counsels. We have looked at the Person of Christ. And we have seen how the Holy Spirit convicts us and shows us the deep darkness of sin. But now we turn our attention to the work of the Holy Spirit in showing us the gospel in all of its glorious truth and the fullness of Christ and His merits.

The Holy Spirit reveals the beauty of Christ.

Thomas Charles writes of the Spirit's revelation of Jesus:

“It is the demonstration of the Spirit and of power—it is, as if the sun shone at midnight with meridian splendor. The objects before unseen, become visible as they are, in all their glory. We clearly and distinctly see what before we could only feel after in darkness.”

The Holy Spirit comforts us.

When we see Christ and His great love in light of the Spirit, we are comforted. We experience a deep peace.

“Though the burden of sin and guilt was before intolerable—though innumerable evils had compassed him about, and his iniquities had taken such hold of him, that he was not able to look up, and his heart failed him—the things of Jesus, thus seen, bring him effectual relief, so that he is surprised and astonished at so unexpected, so suitable, and so full a deliverance!

The gloom of despair and the cloud of God's wrath, disappear—and he has "beauty, for ashes; the oil of joy, for mourning; and the garment of praise, for the spirit of heaviness".

The Holy Spirit shows us the One who has taken on our sin, shame, guilt, temptations, trials, and burdens. He shows us our Savior Jesus Christ. We do not need to fear, for we are in Christ and sealed by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit sanctifies us.

“The things of Jesus are still the materials with which he works, to produce every holy and desirable effect within the soul—for he is made to us of God—wisdom, righteousness, and also sanctification.”

The Holy Spirit alone can make us holy and bring about the fruits of the Spirit. How? Only by God’s love being shed abroad in our hearts. 

The Holy Spirit is also the earnest and pledge of our heavenly inheritance. We know we will receive it because we have the Holy Spirit now. We walk through the wilderness of this world to "yonder Canaan, the land of our inheritance." Charles writes:

“. . . and by the taste they have here, they know the excellency of the country to which they are traveling. They groan within themselves, waiting for the adoption, that is, the redemption of their body, and for the full enjoyment of that country, where they shall reap their full harvest in joy for evermore. While here, they still go on from strength to strength, feeding on these fruits; the Spirit daily helping their infirmities in the midst of their inward and outward troubles, giving them strength in weakness, light in darkness, wisdom and grace to support them until they appear before God in Zion.

If we have seen the things of Jesus by the light of the Spirit, we will long to see them more clearly. So it is our prayer that you would seek Him earnestly and wholeheartedly and “dig deeper and deeper into the unsearchable riches of Christ.”

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