The Church: Her Nature, Authority, Purpose, and Worship Book

The Church: Her Nature, Authority, Purpose, and Worship Book

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Jeffrey Johnson’s book looks at how to properly approach the church. It seeks to answer the questions: How do we approach the church? Where do we begin? What are Biblical practices and what are not when it comes to worship?

What people are saying.

“This excellent book shines the clear light of Scripture on those and many other questions. Since Christ loved the church enough to die for her, every believer ought to share that passion. Jeffrey Johnson clearly does, and I believe you will find his enthusiasm contagious.”

— John MacArthur

“Jeffrey Johnson has not only correctly diagnosed what ails the contemporary evangelical church but he has also prescribed the proper cure—a sincere and persistent adherence to the doctrine of Sola Scriptura. This concise yet thorough work should be required reading for every pastor, congregation, and aspirant to the ministry.”

— Paul Washer

“Like a carpenter refinishing a classic piece of furniture, Jeffrey Johnson strips away layers of human tradition and worldly-wise philosophy to restore our view of the church to its biblical simplicity.”

— Joel R. Beeke

Coming Soon: A 12-part DVD Bible Study Lesson that goes alongside this book.


Originally published as The Church, Why Bother? This new version contains an expansion on the nature and purpose of the church--bringing greater clarity of what the church is and what the church is called to do. Contained in this revised version is additional material on the necessity of church membership, along with a detail explanation on the duties and responsibilities of church members.