A Guide to Family Worship (Digital Download)
A Guide to Family Worship (Digital Download)

A Guide to Family Worship (Digital Download)

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Family worship has been at the heart of worshiping God since biblical days. There have been eras in Christendom that a father could experience church discipline for not leading his family in regular worship at home. But those days are so far removed from today that many Christians have never heard the term “Family Worship.” Far fewer have seen it modeled.

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This guide is simple, approachable, and repeatable for families of any makeup and age. Do not feel as though you must reinvent the wheel when it comes to family worship. In this guide, Ryan Bush compiles help from hundreds of years of Christian history to help you and your family read, memorize, catechize, pray, and sing. May God use this tool to draw you and your family near to Him whether you have worship around the table, on the couch, or wherever you worship together.

The guide covers 30 days. Each devotional corresponds to the day of the month. It repeats each month and is meant to be used for one year.

Pre-recorded songs you can use with the guide.

NOTE: This purchase is a digital download only. You can start to use this resource with your family right away.