Christ Our Treasure: Enjoying the Preeminence of Jesus in the Local Church DVD + Streaming

Christ Our Treasure: Enjoying the Preeminence of Jesus in the Local Church DVD + Streaming

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Love for the person of Jesus Christ is native to the heart of every born-again believer. But such love refuses to be enjoyed alone.

God designed the Christian life to be lived out in the context of a local church, and the local church to be a microcosm of the great company of believers throughout the ages who treasure Christ supremely. But many Christians in our modern, individualistic culture have lost their grasp on the value of the local church, and many congregations have drifted from the simplicity of devotion to Christ, turning instead to the latest trends to bring people in the doors. How do we get back to doing church as God intended?

In these 8 workbook chapters and accompanying video sermons, you are invited to return to God’s Word to behold the beauty of Christ, contemplate the role of the local church in the Christian life, and learn what God says about the purpose of each body of believers: to treasure Christ above all else, together.

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Foreword by Dr. John Snyder


DVD: This product is designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. That's why all 8 video lessons are on one disk in a simple, sleek cardboard sleeve. 

STREAMING: For your convenience, every DVD comes with streaming access through Media Gratiae Online. Instructions for how to access your complimentary streaming are included on the back of the DVD sleeve.


Christ Our Treasure: Enjoying the Preeminence of Jesus in the Local Church is comprised of two elements:

- 8 video sermons

- 8 weekly workbook lessons

This is the DVD and streaming for Christ Our Treasure. To purchase the workbook, click here.


Christ Our Treasure: Enjoying the Preeminence of Jesus in the Local Church is centered around 8 video sermons and a corresponding 8-week workbook-style study. Each week, the students spend the week working through the workbook lesson and finish the week by watching the corresponding video sermon and, if working through the study with a group, discussing the content with the group.

Each workbook week is comprised of one lesson which is designed to be slowly worked through, meditated on, and applied throughout the week.


Jordan Thomas is a husband, father of six, and founding pastor of Grace Church, Memphis. After preparing for the ministry through college and seminary, Jordan went on to train in church planting at Bethlehem Baptist Church before returning to Memphis, Tennessee to plant Grace Church in 2007. Jordan now continues in local church ministry through shepherding the fold at Grace Church and leading with Treasuring Christ Together Church-Planting Network.