5 Family Worship Study Guides
5 Family Worship Study Guides
5 Family Worship Study Guides
5 Family Worship Study Guides
5 Family Worship Study Guides

5 Family Worship Study Guides

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In a day of watered-down cultural christianity, embark with your family on a journey of deepening your convictions, devotion, and knowledge of God.

This 8-week study includes 8 engaging video teaching sessions and a companion workbook that will give you practical guidance as you build the foundation for the habit of family worship.

*This study assumes that every person in the study has 1 copy of the set and each family member has one copy of A Guide to Family Worship.

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A Practical Guide to Family Worship

What's Inside

5 DVDs + Digital Access Codes to A Practical Guide to Family Worship

This series includes 8 weekly teaching sessions that dive deep into the reasons and principles for the practice of family worship.

5 Copies of A Practical Guide to Family Worship 8-week workbook

This hardcover clothbound book is both light enough to carry with you but still has the classic look and feel of your favorite hardback book.

This book includes 8 workbook lessons that cover foundational principles for family worship as well as practical advice for how to apply these principles.


“In 1677, the members of a Puritan church in colonial Massachusetts covenanted together ‘to maintain the worship of God’ in their families. Their commitment reflects the longing of believers in all ages to raise their children in the way of the Lord so that God’s covenantal purposes will be fulfilled (Gen. 18:19). These studies are full of encouragement and instruction for fathers and mothers so that, by God’s grace, they can lead their families to serve the Lord (Josh. 24:15) and future generations will hope in God (Ps. 78:4–8).”


If we want to bring up a godly family, who shall be a seed to serve God when are heads are under the clods of the valley, let us seek to train them up in the fear of God by meeting together as a family for worship.